The printed document still has a big part to play in our client's marketing plans, these days usually augmented with digital versions. Even in this digital age, the portable convenience and tactile pleasure of a hard copy means that it will be a long time before we live in a truly paperless world.

The printed document takes many forms, but the two elements that remain consistent is that they all look great and that they do the job they are designed to do. We pride ourselves on our creativity but know that good design is one part of the job. Top quality print is vital to ensure our designs are faithfully reproduced and finished so that the project achieves it's ultimate goal - a great promotional result for our client's business. Catch have strong relationships with
all our print suppliers and stringent quality control methods to ensure that you get an impressive sales tool.


A beautifully designed, printed and finished brochure can say a lot about your business. A high quality, tactile printed
brochure tells your potential customers that you are a successful experienced company prepared to go the extra mile to help customers enjoy learning about your product or service.

Direct mail

Flyers, invitations and direct mail promotions are effective methods of contacting your audience. With more targeted and accurate databases, the effectiveness of this form of marketing is better than ever. Clever print finishing and cardboard engineering, along with increasingly interesting materials to print onto, means that the tactile and portable nature of a printed direct mail piece can create an impact that can easily compete with an emailer.


Whether it's part of a campaign, to promote brand awareness or to create a database, advertising has an important role to play in any company's growth and development. Catch can handle all aspects of an advertising campaign from
conceptual ideas and copywriting through to media buying and scheduling and has experience in both printed and digital advertising in the UK and throughout Europe.

Large Format

Catch has a lot to offer when it comes to the design and production of large format graphics. We have been producing the graphics for exhibition stands and graphic wall panels for more than 20 years! If it's a portable pop-up stand, a pull-up graphic, external shop frontage, window graphics or internal signage, we've got it covered. Catch designs, manufactures and fits them for you. Just call us to see what we can offer you.

Special Projects

Catch can also provide ideas, designs and production for packaging and promotional items. The world of product packaging is wide, diverse and ever-changing. The challenge for the design agency is to produce innovative and informative packaging whilst ensuring environmentally friendly materials and processes are implemented. From initial brief through to final approved design, we explore all possibilities of design, engineering and materials to produce eye catching packaging that works.

Promotional giveaways or event items - such as badges, clothing etc - add that finishing touch to an occasion. Catch can provide ideas and source production of all types of promotional items and ensure any corporate branding is reproduced
faithfully and to a standard that will impress your customers.


From full database and e-commerce websites through to e-shots, interactive PDFs, e-magazines and PowerPoint presentations, Catch has the experience and skills to produce beautifully designed and effective digital marketing
collateral. We can coordinate an integrated marketing campaign utilising a website - or campaign specific microsite - with email and printed collateral to maximise results and ensure greater coverage and higher returns. Why not call or email us for more information?

Websites -
the words

Copywriting for a website is different to writing copy for a brochure. The copy should be include key words and phrases that attract interest from internet search engine spiders. This is the basis of what's known as search engine optimisation (SEO for short). Catch can amend your existing copy to suit the web, or create something completely new for you.

Websites - promotion

Capturing interest in your product or service via internet searches and directing them to your site is vital for success. To ensure a consistently high search engine rating, your website will need to be regularly updated, maintained and promoted. Our knowledge and experience in search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and methods - such as Google AdWords - will help your website obtain, and maintain, a healthy visitor throughput.



Experience has shown us that very often the biggest hold up to a website, brochure or advertising campaign is the copy. No one knows their industry or products better than our clients, but transferring that knowledge into readable and compelling text requires time that they rarely have.

Catch has both in-house and external resources to achieve accurate and vibrant copy for your project. From simple
straplines or slogans through to comprehensive websites and brochures, Catch will ensure that this element of the project is as effective as the design. So instead of the copy being a barrier to the completion of a project, it will become a seamless
and integral part of it.


Visual impact in any design piece is vital. And nothing conveys vital information quickly and effectively more than the right image. Catch has built up excellent relationships with talented and reliable photographers to suit specific projects and budgets. As well as working contractually with photographers, Catch also has its own in-house studio and equipment that enables us to produce high quality images at a reasonable cost and to tight deadlines.